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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

X Factor Rehab

Between the USA show and the UK show, last week, I spent more hours watching X Factor than I did,
1) going to the gym

2) bathing

3) seeing friends (watching X factor with friends doesn’t count!)

By the time the finals come and go I will have spent a staggering 54 hours watching, and been subjected to around 144 adverts.(I hear you laughing smug sky+ owners!) That’s a serious investment. Even on minimum wage I would be paid £328.32 for my time. So what exactly am I getting in return for my investment? Entertainment? Relaxation? Improved relationships? Time with Gary Barlow?


When I look at how some of my clients are spending their time, they are always gob smacked. A client last week worked out how many hours they had invested the previous four weeks worrying. The answer was 168!! On minimum wage again, if she was being paid for worrying she could put away a tidy sum of £1021.44. Another business man worked out how many hours he had been angry about being overlooked and bullied on a project. This was affecting his sleep, his quality of relationships with his family, and his Sunday nights.

What are your negative investments costing you?

Let it go…

PS. Janet to win!