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Thursday, 31 October 2013

10 Certain Ways to Achieve Unhappiness

In the UK, we all love a good moan, the weather, sports, our politicians, the news, who did what..the list goes on. When does a moan get out of hand? We've all had 'that friend', the one we start to avoid because they spend hours banging on about the same thing over and over and over, yet invest nought minutes doing anything about it.
Years ago I used to have a flat mate that talked at me so much, I once went for a shower, came back and she was so stuck in herself she hadn't even noticed I'd gone! Moaning can be addictive, it keeps us in a whirlwind of self-obsession which is like driving the mind round and round a roundabout. The faster it goes the less likely it is to notice an exit. What a waste of creative energy and investment of time. Check your moan-o-meter.
Here are 10 certain ways to achieve unhappiness :   
  1. COMPLAIN - keep going on about the bad things that happen and ignore the good. Keep quiet about the real issues
  2. AVOID YOUR PROBLEMS - Sleep, eat, over work, drink, procrastinate, go on a rebound, denial, blame others, blame yourself, fill time with social media - anything to avoid dealing with, or understanding the real issue
  3. COMPARE YOURSELF NEGATIVELY WITH OTHERS - frustrate yourself over things that others have, or have achieved and you haven't....yet! Become an expert at thinking you are not good enough
  4. WORRY ABOUT THINGS THAT HAVE NOT HAPPENED YET - after all there is no end to ones worries, especially imagined worries
  5. LET YOUR PROBLEMS OVERWHELM YOU - focus obsessively on the problems and give keeping them all your energy
  6. DO THINGS YOU DON'T LOVE FOR AN END RESULT YOU DON'T WANT - clear goal setting down the super highway of misery
  7. STAY IN RELATIONSHIPS THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU - surround yourself with energy vampires, critical people, and folk who want you to stay as you are always
  8. TRY TO CHANGE OTHERS - it's much easier to tell others what to do and be a control freak
  9. TRY TO PLEASE EVERYONE - and please no one in truth, which then makes you feel guilty, which then makes you try and please everyone again
  10. BECOME OBSESSIVE ABOUT GOALS/OUTCOMES/STATUS/PEOPLE/THINGS - and let them define all your emotions and who you are  

Do any of these look familiar to you? If so, it's time to change. What small change could you make today?

Need a hand overcoming these?