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Monday, 8 October 2012

Six Top Tips from Donald Trump and why he nearly slipped on my banana skin

To be truthful I have never been much of Donald Trump fan. I spent too much of my twenties and early thirties clashing with wilting, alpha-male men from a certain era. One I even dropped off on the hard shoulder of the M25 and left him there, such was my distain of his anachronistic attitiude. So yesterday when I found myself in front of the man himself, as he addressed an audience at the National Achievers Congress 2012, I was on the fence. I'm sure he is no stranger to a resistant female sat with everything crossed in the front row, eating a banana.

His opening address had me rolling my eyes when he singled out a girl, told her she was gorgeous, invited her on stage and gave her a hug.
'Someone needs to tell him he's a grandpa', I thought to myself, imagining throwing my banana skin onto the stage. But then I started listen to what he was really saying. With my ability to read people, I am a walking human lie-detecter. I can sniff out inauthenticity from the tinest changes in light behind the eyes. Here was a man, love him or not, that really knows who he is. His wisdom was suprisingly from the heart, his balance of humilty, yes I did type that, and ego was bang on. He wasn't afraid to portray the vulnerability of someone who has been 'up against it', of someone who has lost a lot, and won a lot. So I learnt a lot from and about Mr Trump yesterday and amongst 90 minutes of witty, interesting, and entertaining stories, here are his most powerful quotes, all of which I can heartily nod to from the psychological side.

1) You need to be known as a reliable person

2) You have to have a gut instinct for what you are doing

3) To have a great business you need certainty

4) Have confidence in your ideas

5) You need to love pressure (which is very different than stress)

.....and the most profound, which so many of the people I meet don't even know they need to know, is how their thoughts, beliefs and actions, personally effect and infect their business, relationships and lives second by second.....

6) Success more than anything else is caused by self-confidence, knowing who you are, and wanting victory

There is a massive difference between confidence and self-confidence. Self-confidence is a product of knowing who you are. A lack of self-confidence is rarely admitted to, confidence won't allow it, but some of the symptoms of a lack of self-confidence are stress, over-controlling (no of course you're not), not taking action, lack of focus, poor relationships, depression, anxiety to name a few. Self-confidence only comes from investing in a relationship with yourself. If your computer printed off a yearly report that showed exactly how you have directly impacted your profit and loss, you would be picking up the phone to me right now. So how is your mental, emotional, and physical health impacting your life and business today?

PS. Sorry Donald I still don't think I will take your relationship advice although your recommendation about getting a pre-nup was interesting.