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Thursday, 9 May 2013

21-Day EASY Procrastination Detox

Time to stamp your feet, and say 'no more' to excuses, denial and procrastination. Step forward and roll up your sleeves. It's time to take massive action. You will be amazed by the positive impact on your emotional well-being and your body this 21 day Easy Procrastination detox will give you.

Hands up who have done at least a 2 day detox in 2013? I see people running around drinking green stuff, juicers flying off the shelves, friends jetting off to Thailand to gorge on psyllium husk and fresh air all in the name of cleansing their bodies. They return, bronzed, concave, regular, and two weeks later the croissants and red wine are back.

It is said that if you want to see what your thoughts were in the past, look at your body now. And if you want to see what your body will be like in the future look at your thoughts today.

Constipation of the mind is caused by procrastination. All those 'things you need to do', or 'stuff you should do' backs up until the backlog has you trapped. The mind keeps all of those files open, ticking away, until they are dealt with. Its' a bit like when you are using your computer and have every screen you have ever opened minimised at the bottom of the screen. And then no surprise when...crash, it all comes to a halt.

Many of us have become experts in excuses and denial, the shadow of guilt or fear gets larger, and only when it brings more pain than the avoidance, will we be motivated to take any action. Chances are you will then do just enough to get out of pain, and then the entire cycle begins again.


STEP 1 - Write down your intention for this detox. What exactly is it you want to get out of it?'

STEP 2 - Write down and ask yourself these two questions

'What do I need to STOP doing?'
'What do I need to START doing?'

STEP 3 - Cut out excuses, even good excuses
Even better, have a detox buddy who can just make an agreed 'cough' sound if they think you are using excuse language. 'I haven't got time' being the biggest culprit. We all have 24hrs in our day.

STEP 4 - Each day before you go to bed write down one thing you will do the following day that you have been avoiding. If it seems too big a task to deal with, break it down into small achievable tasks that work towards it. i.e it could be to call someone, or open three of the fifty letters with clear windows you have hidden in a draw. It could be to forgive someone, or say 'no' to somebody.

Easy right? Go for it...

Keep me posted on your progress Laughing

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